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  • Tout discover the Grand Duchy  of Luxembourg :

Luxembourg’s portal

List of communes of Luxembourg (in alphabetical order)

All the Luxembourg city’s quarters

  • For your searches :

List of Luxembourg communes with detailed description and internet link to each city website (in french)

Search by cadastral parcel

  • Internet websites of the main communes of the Grand Duchy :

Luxembourg city

Esch sur Alzette














Mondorf les bains




  • Administrations and useful Organisms to prepare the purchase of your propery

Luxembourg’s chamber of notaries

Basics to buy your propery in Luxembourg

Information on procedures and financial aid in connection with the renting, purchasing, construction and renovation of a dwelling.

  • Financial subsidies
    • Direct aid in the form of a capital payment

Applying for State financial aid to purchase or construct a dwelling (purchase or construction subsidy)

Applying for a savings subsidy to finance a home

Applying for a State home loan guarantee

Apply for a generalized home savings aid for your child

  • Financial aid for interest on loan repayments

Applying for an interest subsidy

Applying for a government employee interest subsidy

Applying for an interest relief

  • Indirect financial aid (tax benefits)

Applying for a tax credit on notarial deeds (“Bëllegen Akt”)

Applying for a tax credit on loan interests (in french)

Applying for a tax credit on insurance premiums paid (in french)

Applying for a tax credit on home savings plan (in french)

  • Energy performance

Requesting a free, basic, personalised consultation on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources

Applying for financial aid for energy efficiency enhancements in an existing residential building (PRIMe HOUSE)

Applying for an energy performance certificate (Energiepass) for a building

Applying for financial aid for technical installations to improve energy efficiency (PRIMe HOUSE)

Applying for a financial incentive for electricity produced from renewable energy sources

Applying for financial aid for an energy consultant’s report

  • Commonhold ownerhip

Applying for a land registry extract

Applying for the commonhold division table of a multi-unit building (vertical registry)






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