The choice of area, overcome your limited beliefs !

Today, I would like to share with you a story.

A friend of mine wish to live in few quarters, close to Luxembourg city center (like Bel Air, Merl, Center). In fact, he wanted to be able to walk to his job, park the car in the garage.

I understood that he targeted three quarters where the average housing price per square meter was above his means and allowing him not to buy his home with the desired adequate surface.

At that moment, I suggested him ever to look for something smaller in the same area or to look at the same distance but on the other side of the city where prices were more affordable, telling him that bus connections are really good and it is also quite easier to park the car in the street compared to the city center. It took him few months to accept this idea.

Three months later, I informed him that a house for sale in Kaltreis quarter just popped up on the market. It was a private sale without a real estate agency.

Then after having looked at the localization, that could be fine except that he had to cross Bonnevoie center in order to go to the house. He was afraid of this, and stopped to think about other possible ways to go to downtown. I indicated him that there are alternative and more beautiful ways to use to go to work.

Now, he is looking for a new home for one year and half (maybe he is not looking so much). He roughly already spent 30,000 EUR in rents, although he could have moved in his home for six months already!

The bottom line is to let opportunities come to you even if there are from other areas you are primary looking for. These opportunities could be as pleasant as you could have imagined and they can do the job but somewhere else!


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