Is internet the only way to find housing classified in Luxembourg?

Today, I would like to talk about the ways to look for a new home.

Internet is of course mandatory, and setting up alerts on all the different websites will keep you informed immediately when a new offer is posted.

This is really important in order to make appointments.

However, there are several other techniques which will allow you to get appointments to visit homes before all other potential buyer.

Do you have your preferred area?

I invite you to pass by and have a walk or a ride often in these streets. Alternatively, you can drive also your car or take the bus if the quarter is wider. The aim of this is to be able to watch each building, looking for real estate agency sign board.

Why doing this? Because there are some private owner putting their own side board in front of their house, and some real estate agencies doing the same without publishing anything on internet.
In my experience, I have spotted a house few meters from my previous home and was looking for more information on the internet before booking a visit. No success, this house was not on internet.

When I was talking to the agent during the visit, he told me he put the board sign a Friday and few days after  (if i remember well, it was no later than the following wednesday), he had collected enough call to fulfil his visit planning. Note that this house was located in the middle of a residential dead end street.

This house has been sold within a month.

Most recently, I have two other cases of houses put in sale by owners. One installed a big board sign (2m x 1m) and the other one, asimple white A4 printer sheet. The first one removed the sign after one week, I assume there were enough visits and maybe the deal has been concluded. Regarding the second case, I visited the house last week. Although it seems that there has been a significant number of visits already, I think it will last longer than the first case, because owners are asking too much. I have used Nexvia property evaluator software, and the asking price is EUR 200,000 above the Nexvia’s algorithm valuation.

You are seeking for a personal advice, a support in your home search, then this solution could make your life easier…