How I have lost 108 000 euros, how to find out the drivers which make you take your choice

How do you know what you want ? How to challenge your principal criterias in order to determine that you really want and sort these criterias.

108,000 euros, is the amount of all the monthly rents I gave to my landlord during all the time I have looked for my home.

I knew what I wanted : a house with at least three bed rooms, a garden and a garage. I wanted this home close to my office, and I had a limited budget compared to market price. So I was in the same situation like the average people looking for its home sweet home in Luxembourg.

Why did it take me so long (5 years) to buy my home? Several answers, but the main important one is that I did not challenged my criterias. How to challenge the criterias ? It is important that you know in the deepest part of your heart why you want x, y, z specific criteria.

Let’s see how to challenge these following criterias : “ I want a house with three bedrooms and a garage”.

1 I want a house. Why ? => I want a house in order to have an independent garden, why ? => I want to be able to have a meal , drink my coffee, have a rest outside in a green environment => Could a home with a terrace big enough in order to seed plantation be a good deal ? => probably YES.

2 I want three bedrooms. Why ? => 1 bedroom for the parents, 1 bedroom for the children. The third bedroomwill be used as spare room for home office and be used when family and friends will visit us => why ? The last third bedroom will be used in fact for 90% as home office => this bedroom is a kind of multi tasking room, could be smaller than the other ones, a convertible sofa will act as bed in case of visit.

3 I want a garage. Why ? => in order to park my car => Why ? I will struggle to find a parking spot in the street every day => in some quarters I am keen on, it is sometimes really not easy to park a vehicle. Could a parking lot (inside, outside) be fine enough ? ! yes when I want to park my car, but I wish I cold also use the garage as a spare room to store my stuff and to practice DIY => Could an attic, a big cellar on top of a private parkplace be ok for me ? => Yes

Starting from these three elements, you can understand that a place with two bedrooms and a small room, or a mezzanine big enough to put a sofa and set up a home office corner could be investigated. Outside, you could redecorate a 20m2 terrace with green plants and build you green cocoon. An attic and/or a cellar would be enough to store what you are not using really often in your home, in addition to a public or private car plot for your vehicle. All these new criterias could fit with your wishes.

Finally, these information shows your real needs and allow you to expand your researches scope. Moreover, if you could find a place with approaching characteristics of what you are currently seeking, you could also ask for the assistance of an interior architect.She/he will support you to design your next home, and to fit with your needs. I propose to discuss this point in a next post.


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