About me

Welcome !

I have worked in Luxembourg since 2007 after having spent my life in several french regions and in Germany.

With the continuous population increase year after year, I am convinced that looking for a home sweet home is now more difficult than finding a job in Luxemburg. The population growth rate is stable as well as the number of crommuter workers (+50% between 2000 and 2016).

I was commuter during three years, then I met my partner in life and we rent an appartment, then a house. Finally we bought our appartment in 2016 after having made a lot of searches in France, Luxemburg and Germany (it lasted so long before leaving).

The aim of this blog is to share with you our experiences when we were looking for our place to live.

I have learned from these experiences to :

  • Access to the real estate classifieds,
  • Get the visits and be the first to discover the properties,
  • Set up purchase offers (some of them have been accepted)
  • Avoid some traps in the classifieds, ensure that I will find bad news and avoid disapointments after having signed the pre-sales contract “compromis de vente”,
  • Sign pre-sales contracts “compromis de vente”,
  • Break pre-sales contracts “compromis de vente”,
  • Negociate my loan
  • Save thousands of euros on the renovation works, on taxes with some tips easy to apply and unfortunately not known by everybody.

I am giving to you all these tips which will help and support you to become owner of your home inLuxemburg while saving time, money and feel relaxed.